Students Benefits: How to Save on with the ISIC Card & AAA Student Memberships

Hey college students, do you want to save money? Who doesn't! We know how tight money can be for students these days. With tuition and books taking up a large portion of your budget, it can be difficult to afford the little luxuries in life without breaking the bank. That's why AAA is such an incredible resource for students in the U.S.

Student Swap Shop - American Automobile Association of Southern California - AAA

AAA offers countless benefits that make being a student that much easier. The 5% membership savings is great when you need to get around town or run errands quickly and easily. Plus, with the Good Driver, Multi-Car discount and Teen Smart (New Driver) discounts to help you save 15%-20%, these trips will be even more affordable than ever before! And don't forget the 10% discount for good students; show them your GPA report each semester to save extra on everything from car insurance to entertainment!

Student Swap Shop - Discount Lift Tickets

But it doesn't stop there; having an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) also gives you access to great discounts (up to 50% off the regular fare) on transport, attractions, restaurants, hostels and hotels throughout the country!

Student Swap Shop - Shopping List

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start taking advantage of all these incredible AAA benefits today - after all, being smart about how you spend your money never hurt anyone… especially college students like you!